Consider Expanding Your IT Team to Include Grantbook

From GMS to office productivity, CRM through to DAF management, donor portals and beyond, let Grantbook quickly triage, diagnose, and treat your most acute technology issues so you can serve your grantees through the most challenging of times.

Struggling with pressing tech challenges beyond your IT or grantmaking team’s capacity or expertise? Team up with us and...

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Stay Agile

When the World Changes Your Tech Can Too.

We’ll get to know your tech ecosystem so you can pivot quickly when you need to.

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Stay Responsive

Calm and Continuity for Your Grantees.

We’ll augment your team with ideas and expert action so you can provide stable, consistent support to your grantees.

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Stay Resilient

Progress on Tech Goals Even Amidst Chaos.

We’ll help you make gains in your tech goals, allowing you to thrive when change is the only constant.

“The COVID-19 crisis has been a wake-up call to people and organizations across the globe, no more so than the vulnerable populations the philanthropic sector serves. The needs are acute and immediate. It has caused our foundation to rethink our systems to provide support that is as quick and efficient as possible while still being able to practice good stewardship of our resources. 

We worked with Grantbook to redesign our systems to provide rapid response grants, convert project support grants to general operating support, renew previous grants without new proposals, streamline the grant approval process, and move future payments forward, with minimal effort for our staff and practically no effort from our grantees. It allowed us to free up time and get resources to our grantee partners in days, and sometimes hours. The project was lightening fast, taking just a few days to complete the redesign. We could not have done this without the help of Grantbook, and our grantees and those they serve are the ultimate beneficiaries of their hard work.”

A headshot for Jonathan Goldberg of the Surdna Foundation

—Jonathan Goldberg
Director of Learning & Grant Operations
Surdna Foundation

Ongoing strategic tech advisory & implementation.

Looking for a holistic approach to your giving stack so your team can devote more time to world-changing? Our service subscription will help you manage the constellation of software systems and applications that enable you to make the most impact in the world.

Ideal if you're looking:

  • For a long-term tech partner with philanthropy-tech expertise and deep knowledge in grantmaking best practices
  • To build resilience and redundancy into your IT or grants management team
  • To set your digital priorities and make headway along your tech roadmap

Strategic advice & tactical execution all in one service.

Subscribers have a dedicated team of 2-3 Grantbookers to help shape your digital strategy and prioritize your annual tech goals. You also have access to our broad bench of experts on specific systems, tools and tactics as needed.

Your Grantbook team can help with: strategic planning, consulting on best practices for your giving stack, configuring, building, and maintaining the systems you rely on, bug fixing, training & adoption, testing, and other tech needs that arise.

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We can't thank Grantbook enough for their guidance, support and technical expertise over the years! As our business evolves and requirements shift, Grantbook always manages to find an elegant solution to our challenges, saving us countless time and effort. [...] After several years working together, it's clear we couldn't afford not to use Grantbook.
Zina Nelku, Sr. Data Analyst at Grand Challenges Canada
Zina Nelku
Sr. Data Analyst
Grand Challenges Canada
The Grantbook team members I deal with regularly are thoughtful, dedicated and responsive. They have taken the time to understand our needs and processes in depth; and they come well-prepared, are solution-focused and often anticipate questions I may have.
Bruce Lawson, President of the Counselling Foundation of Canada
Bruce Lawson
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
The staff at Grantbook are some of the most knowledgeable, patient and helpful professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Every question, regardless how simplistic, is answered with respect. Grantbook is an extremely impressive organization.

Portrait of Marilyn Van Norman, National Outreach & Innovation at CERIC
Marilyn Von Norman
National Outreach & Innovation
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Let's team up!

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