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Grantbook helps grantmaking organizations plan, select, implement, and optimize their technology systems so they can activate more good in the world. Our foundation clients around the globe partner with us to unlock the full potential of their people, processes, and technology.

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Many of our clients first team up with us when selecting or implementing a Grants Management System (GMS), the “heart” of their giving stack. As their digital toolkit evolves, grantmakers continue to work with us to optimize their tech investments and, by extension, the impact they are making in the world. 

Due to our deep knowledge of the array of GMSs and a broad constellation of adjacent tools used by philanthropic organizations we can help grantmakers “know what they don’t know.” Our time alongside hundreds of foundations, from small family offices to community foundations to funding collaboratives, means perspective into the very best practices of giving done right.

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Plan & Select

  • Technology Audit & Roadmap
  • Software Evaluation & Selection
  • Process Mapping, Business Requirements Documentation
  • Process Re-engineering (Transform and streamline your processes
  • Data Strategy (Data architecture, prep, cleaning, and migration)
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  • Implementation Readiness
  • Solutions Architecture
  • GMS Implementations
  • Implementation Support (Project and Change Management, Business Analysis)
  • Integrations
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  • Stabilize: sign up for a bank of hours to help us diagnose and treat an acute challenge and set you up with a game plan for further digital transformation
  • Evolve: for a monthly fee we partner with you to help you make progress in your ongoing digital evolution, weaving in the best practices in philanthropy tech

Grantbook's Core Service Offerings:

Digital Strategy: Strategic IT Roadmap

Landscape review, strategy and requirements analysis to help your foundation arrive at a detailed plan for the next three years, mapping the technology systems, processes, and roles that will help you achieve your impact goals.

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Solution comparison & Selection

Whether you’re switching grants management systems or selecting your first, we guide you through our signature process that helps you articulate your ideal future state, identify the possible tool(set)s that could get you there, and then help you evaluate your options.

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implementation Support

Successful implementations are resource intensive and require multiple roles. Leveraging our deep knowledge of a variety of GMSs and our relationships with GMS vendors, Grantbook can provide project and change management along with the business analysis skills to ensure you are getting the very most out of your implementation.

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Grantbook’s team includes Implementation Specialists skilled in building or configuring the following systems: Fluxx, Salesforce, GivingData.

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System optimization

Perhaps your strategy has outgrown your GMS, or you are eager for your GMS to better integrate with the rest of your toolkit. In System Optimization projects we (re)configure, update, and refresh your system, and upskill and train your team to make sure you’re continuing to leverage your technology’s full potential.

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Ongoing Service & Support

We get to know the tech systems that help you achieve your mission and impact. Together we then set annual and quarterly tech priorities and help you make continuous progress towards them.

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Grantbook was a phenomenal partner for our vendor selection project. I loved working with the genuinely kind, super smart, authentic humans that staffed our project and I was impressed by their holistic, thoughtful process to vendor selection. They didn’t just dive in and start talking about features…they encouraged us to take a step back and envision what we wanted our system to help us become as an organization. We really enjoyed every step of our journey with them.
Portrait of Wendy Rinella, CEO at the Oakville Community Foundation
Knowledge and Grants Manager
The Libra Foundation
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From data viz to impact tools to participatory grantmaking we are constantly exploring how your tech can help you reach your goals. James Law, our Director of Innovation, heads up Sector Signals, Grantbook’s practice for staying attuned to your needs and ensuring we are doing our part to influence and lift the sector.  

What innovative work is energizing you right now? Could it benefit from a digital lens? Let’s talk!

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Project Delivery

When & Where

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, we are usually alongside our clients anywhere from three to twelve months and often, on an ongoing basis for monthly support after that. Due to the power of video conferencing platforms—and our desire to keep our carbon footprint low—we are able to accomplish much of our work remotely with minimal disruption to your day-to-day. That said, we do LOVE face-to-face work and suggest being onsite at key inflection points in a project, especially for discovery.


We consider ourselves a Goldilocks consultancy—not too big and not too small. This means we have an adventuresome team of do-gooders looking to apply their tech smarts to your grantmaking challenges. For most projects we assign one Strategic Lead and one Technical Lead. In addition, we are an exceptionally collaborative team and share our knowledge and insights at weekly standups and knowledge shares so you’ll always have access to the entire Grantbook brain trust.

Change Management

To ensure project success, we coach you through the level of commitment we’ll need from your team. We also include integrated or dedicated change management into all of our projects to make sure you make it through the trough of disillusionment.

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Other than our ongoing managed services which we offer at a monthly fee, we use Fixed Fee pricing for almost all of our work. We don’t want you wasting time counting time! We look to the size and complexity of your organization to gauge the level of effort as well as to hundreds of similar projects to price our projects.

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Getting the Conversation Started

If you’d like to learn more, let’s hop on a video call so we can better understand your technology challenges. Helping you with what keeps you up at night is what gets us up in the morning. If we decide we’re a good fit, we will put together a proposal sketching a solution with high-level timeline and costs. Next, we’ll review the approach together to make sure we’re on the same page before sending along a more detailed proposal.

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