How does a nimble, lean, and dynamic member organization find a tech stack that will allow them to focus on what matters?


User requirements gathered and satisfied


Tools integrated via native integrations and middleware


Of workflows automated and improved

A membership-funded association that builds capacity and advocates for nonprofits needs a new technology stack to manage their member. Learn how we helped them select, design, and configure their digital tools so they can be more efficient and data-informed.

Our client was a membership-funded association that builds capacity in and advocates for nonprofits. After 10 years on tools that did not meet their needs, they wanted to select a technology stack that would enable them to be efficient, increase member engagement, and become more data informed.

To help them, we used our human-centred and design-thinking approach to ensure we selected a solution set that was feasible, usable, and desirable. We interviewed internal and external stakeholders to understand pain-points and collect user requirements via personas, user stories and user journeys. Using our deeper knowledge of technology, we worked with vendor partners to demonstrate how different combinations of tools could be used to satisfy their needs, match how they work, and enable strategy.

With our help, they selected a Salesforce-based tech stack, integrating with MailChimp, Eventbrite, FormStack, and webmerge to meet their needs.

Due to resourcing constraints at Grantbook, they worked with another vendor for its Salesforce implementation, but we stayed on as a project manager and client advocate. Part-way through, the vendor was running into challenges with their solutioning, so Grantbook helped by prototyping possibilities and offering alternative configurations to help meet the client's needs. 

We completed the configuration of an integrated tech stack that increased the client's ability to track conversations and engagement with members, collect data on nonprofit issues and visualize and monitor their activity.

After the initial implementation, they retained Grantbook to continue to support and train their staff in the Salesforce environment. We completed initial system admin and end user training, but continued to train by sitting (digitally!) side-by-side with them, walking them through now to make configurations to their tool stack.

Grantbook continues to support this client through in their journey of being a digital membership organization.