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Culture & Careers

We strive to create an open, honest and caring environment that fosters creativity, experimentation, and success.

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Change & Risk Management

Our Culture

We strive to create an environment where team members can thrive.


Join Our Team

As a fast-growing social enterprise, we're often on the look for fresh new faces.


We Believe

Transparency creates a foundation that enables us to live our values of accountability, empathy, candour, and daring. In our high-trust culture we believe that being open with knowledge, information, and data keeps our team members empowered and engaged and provides a strong foundation for ethical business practices.

High accountability means high-quality work. Empathy is at the heart of our human-centred approach. Candour allows us to create safe spaces for our clients and each other. And our daring sparks fresh ideas and constant improvement to both our client work and the thinking we bring to philanthropy’s most pressing challenges.

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We take our B Corp status seriously and are energized by systems and solutions that consider all stakeholders rather than those that benefit few at the expense of many. Exploring new ways of working as part of our commitment to a triple bottomline (people, planet, profit) continues to be a dynamic part of our culture. Grantbook is also a proud member of The Upside Foundation.

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Core Values


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We encourage team members to bring their whole selves to work—to interact with honest and mutual understanding. We invest the time to build emotional literacy and to foster a sense of shared ownership over our work.

  • Whole selves are welcome at work
  • Emotional literacy to understand other perspectives
  • Shared sense of ownership of our work
  • Invest time for relationship-building


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We trust each team member to know how to complete their work best, and to seek advice, gather support and make decisions proactively. We champion continuous learning and flexibility, adapting our strategies as new lessons and challenges arise.

  • Both trustworthy and trusting
  • Proactive and adaptive to change
  • Autonomous but accountable
  • Anticipate long-term needs and trade-offs


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We aspire to cultivate an environment that encourages openness and direct speech. Our team embraces self-awareness; we encourage acknowledging the feelings, motivations and thoughts behind our individual contributions.

  • Open-door policy: anyone should be able to talk to anyone
  • Be self-aware, because honesty starts with the self
  • Have frank conversations when something isn't working
  • Transparency empowers our work and cooperation


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In a world where things are changing rapidly, learning constantly is vital to getting things right. Our team embraces agility over stagnancy, to deliver the best we can to philanthropy while minimizing risks.

  • Employ agile methodology and scrum to boost efficiency
  • Choose experimentation and learning over obsolescence
  • Innovate for long-term resiliency
  • Take strategic risks when necessary

Join Our Team

As a growing social enterprise, we're always on the lookout for fresh new faces.

Benefits & Perks

Here are some of the benefits and other perks that Grantbook provides our team, as part of our total compensation package.


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Each employee receives a comprehensive benefits package with core coverage and a health spending account, providing both stability and flexibility to meet you and your loved ones’ needs.

4 Weeks' Vacation

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For every full-time employee, regardless of your position.

Profit Sharing

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Grantbook commits to an employee profit-sharing bonus pool that is split equally among all employees regardless of position.

PD Pool

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Never stop learning—build your own professional development plan, and draw from a pool to make it happen.

Flexible Work

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Grantbook supports flexible work to meet the needs of the modern household.

Volunteer Time

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If you volunteer at least 50 hours of your time with charities or nonprofits, we'll give you an extra day off.

B. Y. O. D.

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We have a Bring Your Own Device policy, where Grantbookers use their own computers. We offer a stipend towards your preferred device.


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Employees can buy shares of Grantbook under the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) after one year of employment.

Current Positions

We are always interested in conversations with candidates who would be a great fit with our team. Reach out at to submit your application materials. You can also continue getting to know us by signing up for our newsletter.

How We Hire

At Grantbook, we celebrate, support, and thrive on diversity, and we strive to create an inclusive environment for our teammates, our client partners, and our communities. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We welcome and encourage applications from all qualified candidates.

We want to remove barriers that may limit you from joining Grantbook. Email us at to let us know how we can provide you with reasonable accommodations through our application process.

As a company dedicated to social good for our clients, our team, and the world, we try to be as transparent as possible about how we work. That includes how we hire. View our hiring process to learn more about what it will entail.

While there are currently no open positions we’re always looking for a fabulous excuse to grow again.  We invite you to send your application to  You can also continue getting to know us by signing up for our newsletter.