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Our Approach


We understand that if you’ve worked with one foundation, you’ve worked with one foundation! We speak your language and have worked across many types of grantmaking organizations from small family foundations to ambitious funding collaboratives working on systems change.


We’re here to promote your interests first. We come alongside you and help you choose right-sized tools that unlock your greatest potential. That means we avoid bias towards any single tool or set of tools. We’re here to help you select right-sized tools that best activate your strategic goals, not play favourites!


Sure, tools activate our choices, but ultimately our human hearts and minds set them in motion. Paying close attention to what makes us human—in all its inherent messiness—is ultimately what drives successful change. That’s why Grantbook puts such emphasis on our human-centred approach.


We like to keep abreast of the trends in grantmaking and philanthropy to understand new ways of giving done right. Currently, Granbook is exploring more ways to leverage tech to operationalize values of DEI, participatory grantmaking, and relationship-driven collaboration.


Sustainable. Deeply understanding people and how they work leads to durable solutions that can weather changes in staff and leadership.

High-Impact. A human-centered approach includes grantee voices, enabling grantmakers to effect truly transformative change.

Flexible. With everyone included, empowered and aligned an organization becomes an organism—an agile, resilient unit, capable of adapting to any circumstance.

Don't believe us? Believe our work.

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