Our Approach


We are devoted to the philanthropic sector. Like you, we are passionate about advancing the philanthropic sector. That’s why we work exclusively with grantmaking organizations, from small family foundations, to corporate philanthropy, community foundations and impact investors, right up to large international research foundations with hundreds of staff.


Your needs come before brand names. We’re here to promote your interests first. This means cultivating deep knowledge and relationships across a broad array of tools and vendors, intentionally avoiding bias for any single solution, tool or feature. We’re here to help you select right-sized tools that best activate your strategic goals, not play favourites!


We apply design thinking for better problem-solving. We put humans at the heart of everything we do. From our very first meeting to the last hurrah, we make sure all your stakeholders' voices are heard. We prioritize how the people within your organization work together and we look holistically at the interaction of people, processes and technology when designing solutions.


We're always learning and excited to share what we learn. From participatory grantmaking to the future of work, our team has lots of ideas (and tested solutions) on how philanthropy can be reinvented to meet the needs of the 21st century. Every day, and especially in our innovation practice, we ask ourselves: “What does the world need from philanthropy?” and “What does philanthropy need from Grantbook?”